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Address:ZIB Financial Tower, No. 39 Xiangzhang Street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, P.R.China.
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hejiang Orient Engineering Co., Ltd. provides hydro power plants equipment in various types, including Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, Tubular etc., on EPC basis, supplying not only provides hydraulic turbine generator units, but also auxiliary equipments (governor, excitation and valve) and electrical devices (step up transformer, SCADA, unit transformer, switchgear, etc.). Meanwhile, full services such as engineering design, construction, technical consultation, supervision, installation and commissioning, technical training as well as after-sales service, etc will also be provided according to the Clients’ specific requirements.

So far, our company has concludes over 100 contracts for hydro power plants, cooperating with many reputable Clients overseas, extending our business to multiple international markets such as Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc. With a professional and dedicated team, we are aiming to develop more markets and projects, enhancing our services and building more mutual beneficial relations.

We are capable to do projects with:

Unit Capacity:500KW—10MW 10MW—700MW

Water Head:3.0m—700m

Types of Hydraulic Turbine for Option:

Francis type:

Water head:20m—600m


With rich experience and patented technology for High Water Head Francis Units.

Kaplan type:

Output: 3MW—100MW

The maximum runner diameter is reach up to 7.5m.

Tubular type (including Shaft-extension Tubular turbine units, and bulb Tubular turbine units):

Output: 2MW—40MW

Pelton type:

Output: 500KW—90MW